Friday, January 20, 2017

January Updates

It has been longer then I wanted it to be, but of course I caught a cold and have been under the weather for the last week. Started out with hubby and of course he had to share it with me. I am now back to feeling right and able to stitch.

I know it is a bit late for this but I have my New Years Stitching Resolutions. I will finish at least 4 of the WIPs I am currently working on. I may not get Death by Cross Stitch finished but I am hoping that I can. And I will definitely not get Christmas Cottage finished in this calendar year. I plan to start and finish at least 3 of the quilt blocks for my son's quilt I am stitching for him. and I want to start at least 3 more projects for myself. One of those is another of the Bewitching Pixies by Nora Corbett.
I also want to get my Etsy shop set up and opened to sell some of my sewing projects, and spend less time looking at Facebook and more time getting my stitching finished.

And updates from my WIP's

Joan Elliot - Cocoa Snowmen
Laura J Perin - Christmas Tree 2004
Dona Gelsinger - Christmas Cottage charted by HAED
Long Dog Sampler - Death by Cross Stitch
Glendon Place - Autumn ala Round, this little brat is going into a "Time Out" I have spent the last 3 days on it and only got 1 full leaf and a portion of a 2nd worked. The frog has come for a visit and is refusing to leave. so off to the naughty corner.
Tomorrow I will be going to my stitching groups monthly meeting I hope to get Joy completed and when I do I will be starting a new project. It is a chart I have made for a friend.


  1. Your stitching is very pretty. I love those snowmen and the Christmas Cottage.

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