Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year First Post

So lets do a summery of 2016. Should have done this yesterday but I had a mission, I will explain more about that as we go.

2016 was the year I said I am stitching just for ME. And I was very good at sticking to this with only 3 projects for others and those were smalls. 2 birthday cards for sisters and a card for a friend going thought cancer treatment.

I had several finishes large small and in between.

I have 6 WIP's that will be rolled over into 2017. Counted canvas work Joy and Christmas Tree
Autumn Ala Round by Glendon Place, Snowmen by Joan Elliot (there are 6 of these which I am working on a single fabric, 1 is finished and the 2nd is very close) and Death by Cross Stitch

Finally Christmas Cottage by Dona Gelsinger pattern by HAED. I was so hoping to have a page finish yesterday. I had 2100 stitches to complete the page when the clock struck midnight I was about 750 short. Lots of confetti did me in. BOO........ but I did complete 6 pages in 2016 so that is a good thing.
So that was my thread work for the year. I also had sewing projects. Wallets, Owls, and a t-shirt quilt. Most of these were either sold or given as gifts.

And finally just a couple weeks ago a friend had to go in for surgery and she is having a very rough time with her health so to pick her up I made her an afghan. She is a big fan of  Bauer Ware Dishes so the colors of the yarn is as close as I could get.
All in all I had a good year. Lots of stitching, work was very busy and we had a trip to Australia for a combination of work and pleasure. Got a new puppy who is a little scamp, but a pure joy to have. I will not complain about it as I am still here with hubby and kids. What more can you ask for. Enjoy 2017 and I will see you all through out the year with updates and news.

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