Friday, September 25, 2015

My Blog Contest

I have decided to do a contest to try and boost my Blog. I have a new start and I do not have a picture of the finished stitch. This is a pattern I made myself with suggestions from a couple of other stitchers. And help from a lady (designer) that was nice enough to help with finishing touches. I could not find a pattern that worked for my needs and so I had to do my own designing. I really hope it turns out to look like what I have in my mind.

So the contest......guess the finished design. whoever is able to guess what I am stitching will receive a brand new never been stitched pattern from my favorite designer. I will also supply the fabric, that you can use if you if you want to, to stitch the pattern on.

What do you need to do to enter the contest? All you have to to is become a follower of my blog and post a guess. Easy peezy. I will post a new picture once every 2 weeks with a hint. You can make as many guesses as you like. This is all for fun and to get a few new followers to my blog.

So the first picture and hint

HINT: Think outside of the box. I know what this looks like and it is not the obvious choice, it is not an owl......

Good luck to all of you that choose to join in the fun this is part of my rotation of stitching so I hope I can stay ahead of the guesses and have a new picture for you in 2 weeks.


  1. it reminds me of steampunk something steampunk?

  2. Looks like Waldo from Where's Waldo. ^_^

  3. It looks like a skeletal model in chemistry. Man I hated chemistry. Thanks for the contest. I will promote it and your blog on my own blog.

    1. Thank you Cathie I appreciate that!!!!!!

  4. I found you via Cathie. I think you are stitching a Minion!
    One way to boost your blog followers is to join in with the monthly SALs such as WIPocalypse on your side bar and make sure you visit each link and leave a comment. Most people wil refollow bloggers who leave comments. We are very polite like that! My blog hops are another great way to meet new followers.

  5. Well so far you have all been very good at thinking out side of the box but at this time no one has gotten the right answer.


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