Wednesday, November 7, 2018

I am back and it is November

Hello all. I am back and I had a FANTASTIC trip. It was all so amazing. I would go back in a heartbeat. Beautiful land, friendly and amazing people and a trip of a lifetime. I could overload you with pictures but I will just give you a small glimpse. First is a picture of a CathedralThen Kylemore Abbey
These are the Cliffs of Mohr

Countryside fields and homes.

We stopped at an amazing Crystal Factory were ALL the items are hand cut.

So then I got home and 2 weekends later I had the baby shower for my daughter It was small but so fun, with super friends.
I made 6 bags for the shower games but some how I missed getting a picture of one of them.

I finished her quilt the burp clothe and a bib.
And for the new daddy I made a changing pad.
I am having a bit of trouble getting back to work. The tendon in the thumb of my hand is messed up and I can not bend my thumb. I have had a steroid shot that may or may not help. If it does not work I may have to have a surgery to repair it.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Tomorrow my Adventure Bigins

Tomorrow I will be beginning my Irish Adventure. I will be leaving at 7 am to fly to NYC to meet up with my tour from there we will be leave for Ireland at 8:50 pm and fly across in the night. I will be bringing many pictures back and tell you all about the trip.

I have been doing some stitching before I leave. The tour people sent out a package deal, in it was a really nice tote bag the problem is it is a bright orange. To me that is a bit of a faux pas, my father always pounded it into us that orange was the British influence and was frowned upon by the Irish. So I do not want to be carrying around a bag that could offend the locals with that in mind I made myself a nice bag and clutch.

 I have worked on the baby sampler for my daughter. Slow going but progress is progress. This is the pattern but I of course have made some changes. Color changes and added a couple of extra sections

I also made progress on the Fox quilt. I had to set it aside as my sewing machine needed cleaned and serviced. These squares are realy fun to make and work up super nice.

 I made a burp clothe for the baby and I worked a small amount on Zenia during our monthly stitching get together. 

 That catches me up with you all before I leave. The middle of the month I will be back with pictures and goodies.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

September News and Notes

Hello, hello here it is September. I am doing pretty well. I had my right hand operated on and I am now healing. I thought I was doing really well so went back to work to soon and now I am paying for it. But back home and resting. typing 1 handed...slow.

I can finally tell you my special news. I am going to be a Grandma for the very first thing. My daughter is expecting in January. She is having a baby boy. I had to wait because she did not announce until she knew what the baby would be.This is her and her friend who is also expecting.

Since I was home I started in on the baby shower decorations and game prizes.Centerpieces!!!!!
 Diaper Cakes
These are the gifts for the Shower Games. 
As you can see my daughters theme will be the Fox and the colors are mint green and teal with some grey and brown. I have made the diaper bag changing pad and accessories clutch.

I am also in the process of making a quilt for the baby. I have 7 squares but they may change when I get farther along.

I am working on a baby afghan as well. I have a hard time stitching for any length of time so slow goes the project.
Sewing is easier then stitching I made this bag to add to my Etsy Store. I just love this bee material.

 At the end of this month I will be heading to the Ireland with the Just Cross Stitch Magazine Tour. I hope to have lots of pictures and fun information from my trip when I get back.