Sunday, October 16, 2016

Wipocalypse October 16 2016 Referred to as the Hunter's Moon

Hello all I am happy to talk to you all again this month. I look forward to seeing all your blog up dates. I will say my stitching time was much less this month. New puppy is taking time to play with and the training of course but he is just such a fun little man!!!!!

 Time for the monthly question:

 What online stitching communities do you enjoy?
Because I really am not a big internet person I limit the places I go for just about everything. 10 years ago I found a fun little stitching forum. At the time it was very new and small we had some great people and it felt like a family. about 4 years in it started to grow rapidly and needed a moderator and because I was one of the original members and I wanted the forum to survive I volunteered to do the job. It was great still small very little drama and still felt like family but then something hapened and the fun started to retreat. Maybe it was because of growth or because I was the one everyone made the complains to or maybe I got burned out. Finally after 10 years I had to take a break. I still love what the forum can give support, encouragement, advice and more but for me right now it is not my first place to go. Right at this minute my places to go is Facebook. I am in 2 groups and for me that is enough. I enjoy the sharing but sometimes the drama is a bit ridiculous. And of course I really enjoy the Wipocalypse post and I will make trip to several of the blog from there if I have time during the month.

For the updates small bits on all of the WIP's and of course every little bit is a step in the right direction. Christmas Cottage (HAED) Poof by Ursula Michaels, Autum Ala Round by Glendon Place, Joy Joy Joy by Kelly Clark and Death By Cross Stitch by Long Dog Samplers

I had 2 finishes since last months post a small....Tea cup for sisters Birthday card and Beauty and the Beast

So that is my update hope to see alot of new starts and progress from all you ladies and gents.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Small steps on stitching

My new puppy is still taking lots of my time. I just love playing with him and of course he has so much energy. Training is going very well and I hope to be able to say that we are 100% trained by the end of the month. These are just such smart dog that training is quite an easy thing.
But let's see some stitching did get some of my time. I finished the card I was doing for my sister. So happy I have it ready for her birthday so early.The picture does not show it but the fabric is a nice peach color. JOY- I worked with this on finished the small joy in a soft Silk Lame' Braid from from RG, started on the other Joy that I will do in a deeper gold and I worked quite a bit of the white background. The pattern of the background needs my full concentration so that with all the breaks from the words the pattern meets up properly. I have had many frogs because I miss counted and then have to go back and redo the placement of the diamonds. It will all be well worth it in the end but it is frustrating at times. Finally My Autumn Ala Round got another leaf and some more sparkle. I hate really I hate this linen with its slubs and extra counting and so many other things I just do not like. I can not wait to be done with this and then no more linen works.

I did get Poof started and it is looking great. I have subbed out most of the colors. The ones the pattern called for were so dull that it just did not look good on the fabric I chose.Fun stuff.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Last September Post

Last post for this month and it is going to have very little stitching news. I am the only one running our shop. My hubby is out on a job so I have to deal with all of our issues and customers and anything else that comes up. Long story short, I am busy and little time for stitching. And to add to that we had planned to get a new puppy. I went and got him on Sunday. He is so stinking cute. IU love puppies they are so awkward and hilarious. He is a red Boston Terrier and will be little brother to our 4 year old. Meet Mr Wiggles.

So you can see that my hands are ful of new puppy, old puppy and work. But I have had some time to work on stitching I finished Disney's Beauty and the Beast, found time to work on Death by Cross Stitch.

The heat these last few days has been so extreme that doing anything crafty were I have added fabric to my lap is not a very attractive situation. I sure hope it wil cool off very soon. 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

2016 September Wipocalypse The Harvest moon!

I am a couple days late posting but I got this great picture of the moon on Friday. It was a beautiful Harvest moon. But the heat that it has brought is not very welcome........ :-(

 Tell us a story about the journey you took through one of your completed pieces.

I have not stitched much for myself but I love to make gifts for others. One day I asked my husband which one of the projects I had made he liked best. I had assumed he would say the seat cover I made for his 2007 Ford Mustang, surprisingly that is not his favorite. I did this one for him as a birthday gift at least 15 years ago. His nickname is Sparrow and with in our friends and business I would say more people know him by that name then by his given names. I had a chart of the one sparrow stitched it up then put it in my PC Stitch program and flipped the chart changed the colors for a female and then added the heart, ribbon and words. So it was a quick not to difficult stitch but it seems it means alot to my other half . <3
My updates since my last post are for Harvest Ala Round by Glendon Place, a new start which is a card for my middle sister's birthday and the wreath on my HAED it was confetti hell. Of the 92 colors in the pattern I used 78 of them in this small section.....I am so happy to be past that. It looks awesome but it was so difficult with all of the colors changes. in one 10X10 square there were 56 colors and although I was told that is not that much by 1 stitcher I think it is crazy.

After finishing the Halloween Night that I talked about in my last post I am starting  this sweet project. Still as part of the HALLOWEEN SAL on one of my Facebook groups .  And I was a bit naughty and bought some new patterns from 123 They were having a Halloween sale and I love these patterns by Whispered by the Wind.

Hope you all have a wonderful month and hope to see you all back soon. 

Monday, September 12, 2016

2 Finishes and Other progress

Since my last post I have 2 finishes. I completed Minerva by Nora Corbett I made changes to the colors of her dress, the tree and the moon. I used DMC floss the dress 501, 500, 986, 699, 701, 988. The moon is changed to Caron Lemon n Lime, the Tree is DMC 4130 , leaves are DMC 4126, the beads are replaced with Rainbow Blending thread 26, 204 and 308.  I did use some beads green 2020 Mill Hill seed beads and orange 10031 Magnifica Mill Hill seed beads. Owls eyes are DMC E990
My second finish is Halloween Night by Passione Ricamo  the pattern is an old one that has now been retired. I am using DMC 310 on 16 count Hand-dye Aida from Silkweaver "Halloween Treat". 
The W was not complete on the pattern so I had to do some modifying but you can not tell much of a difference from the original. I finished it as a quilted table topper and it will be on my coffee table for this years Halloween decorations.

Updating my other projects

HAED Christmas Cottage, Beauty & Beast, and Death by Cross Stitch

Sunday, August 21, 2016

2016 August Wipocalypse

I am a few days late putting up the post but I have been a busy bee with work, the yard and finishing projects so the time got away from me.  I just looked at the Wipocalypse and there is not an August post. I am pretty sure it is because of the family loss.

Our monthly question: Have you ever read any fictional books that involve embroidery?  If so, give us some recommendations? I love the series by Monica Ferris, It is called a Needlecraft Mystery and the main character is the owner of a Needlework shop named "Crewel World" and on the side she solves murder mysteries. It is a bit hokey and very much in the line of Murder She Wrote but it has so much needlework terminology it is just fun to read.

As for my work since last months update. I have several finished pieces, in my last post I detailed my Glendon Place finish so I will not go on about that so I will just show the completed piece. Along with  the card I did for my oldest sister. I finished it as a hanging so when she is finished with the card she can hang it at her desk at work. I also finally got my Mill Hill Santa made into a cube. I used some fabric I thought looked good with Santa, a gold ribbon and a few small presents.  

My final finish is not my projects. They are some stitching gifts that I received in a gift exchange, they were made into bookmarks but they are just too beautiful to hide in a book so I bought some balsa wood and I covered it with fabric I made a pillow with tassels and on top of each pillow is a small crown.

I am still working on some 6 WIPs. Another page finish on HAED Christmas Cottage by  Dona Gelsinger.
Working Beauty and the Beast a Disney kit and Minerva a Bewitching Pixie by Nora Corbett.

My Death by Cross Stitch is coming out really nice and my Halloween Night is beautiful on that hand-dye orange.

I have a new start on the 15th we started a Thanksgiving SAL on one of the Facebook groups. You had to choose an Autumn/Thanksgiving themed pattern and work on it from now until Thanksgiving. I picked Glendon Place Autumn Ala Round on 28 count Irish Linen. I do not usually work on linen because I do not like the slubs but I had this piece of fabric and it is beautiful with these fall colors. 

Hope to see you back next post!!!!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Glendon Place Mix

In my last post I had a teaser about a project I have been working on for a while. Well today I have the unveiling. I am pretty proud of how it all turned out. Of course as our own worst critics we always find one over two things we could have done different. I am no different, but I am very happy with this one and am excited to have it as part of my Halloween decorations this year.

I combined 2 of the Glendon Place patterns  Frank's Family Portrait and Whooligan's  Hangout.

The result is ...... amazing!!!!! At least I think it came out awesome.
 So now for some of the changes I made. The mansion windows are DMC E980 as are the eyes on the skull of the tombstone. The eyes of the bat on Mrs Franks belt are DMC E990. The moon was suppose to be Caron Collection Lemon-Lime, but I wanted a more harvest moon so I changes it to Caron Papaya. The bat on the moon is my added embellishment.

The charms that Mrs is wearing came with the pattern but I added a few more charms I got my husband to modify some rivets for the bolts on Frank's neck. I added the spider on the end of the string hanging off the branch and I added the dancing skeletons over by the smaller tombstones.

 And finally the fabric that I used to back the project.

Thank you for reading.