Wednesday, January 17, 2018

New Year, New Beginnings

Hello all it has been an interesting start to the New Year. Unfortunately it did not start very happy. Our 13 year old rescue kitty had to be put down. His kidneys started to fail and it caused an intestinal infection that caused him to be sick and dehydrate. He was such a good boy and it was so sad to have to tel him goodbye, but I could not make him suffer. Part of being a good pet owner is knowing when it is time to let a pet go and do what is best for them.

 So enough with the sad. On to the new, I showed you the Bless the Beasts Painted canvas I bought from my LNS the end of October I wanted to maybe pull this out during Christmas but with family and work and baking time got away from me and I did not get to move on this. So the New Year is a time for beginnings and this is going to be an adventure. I picked petite Silk Lame Braid for the sky and I am using the Pavilion stitch. The Moon I used Gold Kreniek Silk Mori and the stitch I used was a satin stitch. The stars in the sky are Mill Hill Glass Seed Beads in gold. I spent 3 days with this and got a large bit of the sky completed before I needed to rotate. I have to work on this at a table and sitting in that position is not comfortable so I will have to work this in between my other projects.  
Pictures are 1) Full size canvas 2)Work done from last year 3)Work completed this rotation. I set a yard stick across the top of the canvas to give you an idea of the size of this. 

I have a finish. I did this before I started Santa. I am so happy with the way this turned out. I found some black satin lace to finish the edges and it looks awesome on the coffee table I made it to display on,next Halloween it is going to be wonderful. 
Finally I have a few items to share. I joined a Bag of the Month Club. Even though I am a sewer I never seem to make anything for myself so I splurged and joined this. January's bags showed up last week and they are beautiful. I love them and the lady doing the bags added in a few little goodies as a bonus. Hand-dyed floss, a floss ring with decoration and a Charm with the company's name on it. The second thing is I made an order from my favorite on-line Shop. 5 Mill Hill patterns and a super fun Mary Poppins pattern.
I hope you are all enjoying the New Year, staying save and warm, and above all getting your stitching time. 

Friday, January 5, 2018

New Years Resolutions

The New Year came in with me sound a sleep. I sat down to watch TV with hubby and next thing I know I am woken up by the sound of gunfire across the road. I had fallen asleep about 8:30. Our neighbors across the road had several people over for a party and welcomed the New Year by reenacting the battle of the Alamo. At least that is what is sounded like. 😏

I forgot to give a final report of my personal Stitch from Stash outcome. I did okay. I wish I could have done a bit better but I did end up with a +  my final amount came to $ 87.53 I will be doing a roll over of this amount as I plan to carry on into the 2018 year.  I have made a few rules if anyone would like to follow along with me. I am going to reduce my Monthly budget from $25 to $20.

Stitch from Stash Rules
1) choose a budget anything from $25 to $0
2) keep track of purchases (an exemption is made for gift certificates, Birthday money up to $75 dollars, and vacation purchases from shops that you visit if they are more then 500 miles from your home, only once per year.)
3) keep track of stitching work (be sure to count WIP's as well as finished pieces. FFO finishing can be give a value if you would like. Taking pictures can help you calculate the amount of work completed in a month.
4) To calculate credits I start with a full page of a full coverage HAED or equivalent pattern I give $30 dollars or 1/3 of a page is $10. I would give $4 for a JBW design as they can be completed in 2 to 3 days. So that is the range of calculations used. 

Also I have my list of Resolutions/Goals for the year. I call this a soft list, I hope to get this all done but if not I can live with that. No pressure this is my hobby it is suppose to be fun not work.
New Year List
1)Finish current row of HAED
2)Finish DBCS, Army Emblem Square, Spring Village, Christmas Tree 2004 and Pumpkin Splendor.
3) Start and finish at least 2 more squares
4) Start Northern Lights by Janlynn with quote (requested by Hubby)
5) Start Zenia by Nora Corbett
6) Start Raven Queen
7) Do Bumble, start Winter and Autumn by Vicki Hastings for daughter
8) Finish 2 Bags with Gnomes

I have a small report from Death by Cross Stitch I did the section under the lion.

I hope to see many fellow stitchers and there projects this year.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Last Post of the year!!!!!

I truly did try to get a post in earlier but things have been busy this holiday season. With family, baking, gift making and all the things that December is know for I just never found the time. I think we are back to normal......whatever normal is, now. 😁

Beings it is the end of the year I wanted to look back and see what kind of progress I made this year. I felt I had not really completed much stitching until I went to my files and looked. Thank goodness I take pictures of all my finishes.
The List:
8 Mug Rugs with matching napkin (sewing)
4 Wallets (sewing)
7 Purses (sewing)
10 Thread Catcher w/ pin cushion (sewing)
1 Crocheted Blanket and a second one has been started about 1/3 finished
1 Counted Canvas"Joy" Embroidery
Autumn Ala Round (cross stitch)
Playing Cards (cross stitch)
Owls w/ Quote (cross stitch)
Lighthouse (cross stitch)
Poof w/shoes (cross stitch)
Snowman Banner (cross stitch)
10 JBW Designs (cross stitch)
4 other Miscellaneous Mini's (cross stitch)
2 Bags Reindeer and Skull (cross stitch)
1 Wreath (crafting)
2 Fall Wall Hangings (crafting)
5 Fall Jar Decorations (crafting)
7 Christmas Jar Decorations (crafting)
Along with working on HAED Christmas Cottage. Death By Cross Stitch, Spring Village, Army Emblem, Pumpkin Splendor Table Topper, and Christmas Tree 2004 Counted Canvas .
I wanted to do a few collages of the list but my collage maker is on the fritz. 🙁Oh well I will work on it and see if I can get it working and try again later.

Do you make a New Years List/Resolution list of your stitching plans? I do what I cal a soft list. I try to know what I would like to do but if I do not get to it no big deal it just gets moved to the following year. So how did I do I wanted 4 WIPS to be finished only got 3 finished. I did not start my Pixie as I had hoped and only got 1 square for my son started. But I did start and finish 14 projects that are all for me. And my Etsy shop is up but the selling was not as much as I had hoped. All in all it was a good year. Next post I will put my list for 2018. 

We had our annual Stitching Group Christmas party. We do a gift exchange. We pick #'s and then choose from the bags in the order of the numbers. I was # 3.
Then for Christmas a friend stitched me a table topper.  They are oh so adorable. These were my stitching gifts this year.
As mentioned earlier it has been a busy month and not much time for stitching. I only made progress on my HAED Christmas Cottage. And then I had a quick finish with this little reindeer bag. It was a kit with 2 gnomes in red and this deer.
The mug rugs are gifts for friends for sets of 2. Husband and wives Each rug has a pocket that holds a napkin I made that matches to match and I found some really cool gold spoons so I added those in.
A cook and a card player
A pilot and his wife
Dog lovers
A hunter and baseball fan

This is just so you can see how well my snowman card holder worked. 
And finally I was at Michael's to get some picker holders and to check out the after Christmas specials. I got a few things for next year 70% off. And got a rope of flowers, I had a sting of those lights that are battery operated and also bought some white sparkled leaves and made a decoration for January. Blue, white, and copper. 
I wish you all a happy, safe, healthy New Year and hope to see you in the next year.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

December has snuck in

Yes indeed December has come and snuck in to surprise us all. The day after Thanksgiving is my day to start the Christmas decorations. I put up 2 trees, my collection of snowmen, a Christmas village and all the other decorations that you collect over the years.

I then started to assemble new decorations for myself, and gifts for friends. The wreath and blue star jar decoration are mine.

These other jars are all gifts for friends. 

 My Snowmen that I finished earlier this year are now FFO'ed and are holding my Christmas Cards. It came out exactly as I had it envisioned. 

I have had very little time to do any actual stitching but I have gotten a few stitches in.The Pumpkin Topper is 3/4 done. The Spring Village has a good portion of the Needlework Shop complete. And the Counted Canvas 2004 Tree has another section worked.
I hope to have another update before the end of the year, but December is so ful of things I am not sure what is going to happen. 

Monday, November 20, 2017

November Continues

Update on puppy, 2 weeks after the attack and he is well on the way to recovery. It has been long and frustrating but the wounds have finally stopped leaking and things look so much better. Poor boy, he has been so good with all of this. Now when i get the bandages and cleaning supplies out he hides. I know he is just tired of it all but it does make it longer to get it done when I have to track him down. I did not want the pictures to be too graphic So I took a few at the correct angle.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving with good food, good people and good health!!!!!!!
 This is my only WIP update, making fabulous progress and it really comes together amazing when you get the BS in. See you next month!!!!!!!