Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Back from Annual Retreat

Yes I am back. I could have sent another week with these ladies but reality must rear it's ugly head and I have to come back to work. As always the time spent with this group is so inspiring. The talent and variety makes your head spin. I did not get as many pictures as I would have liked because I have been volunteered to be the activity coordinator. This means I am getting less time to stitch and just relax and look at all the projects but it also means I am having more and more fun with organizing fun games to get members to mingle and win prizes.

This year we had the annual crossword puzzle that had an awesome gift prize. And also a prize for the most creative guesses.

We also had a picture Scavenger hunt. There were 25 picture clues whoever got the most got a prize. And lastly we had 5 small plastic Easter eggs, we would hide them each of the 3 FULL days that we were at the retreat and when they were found each person was able to pick a JBW pattern with a floss inside and a hand-dyed fabric to stitch the pattern on. It was very fun but boy some of those ladies are very competitive....;-)
I was sewing project bags for a week before the retreat and I took those and a few other sewing projects with m to sell. I did quite well of the 20 I took I sold 12 along with 5 previous bags and 4 wallets.The 8 bags I have left I have added to my Etsy account. I will be making more and adding those and I will be accepting custom orders. I have 3 sizes 13X14, 15X16, and 19X16.

There were some amazing projects brought to display.
  I did not get as much stitched as I had planned. To much to see and appreciate, plus hand out prizes, and this year we organized a gift basket for our Retreat Coordinator. She organizes and schedules these retreat all on her own time without compensation so we collected gift certificates and other small gifts and organized them into 1 big presentation. Yes as the activity coordinator I was the 1 collecting it all to give as 1 large present. And I did not get a picture of the final gift but lets just say it was a fabulous collection. We were 33 participants this year with 3 that had to drop out last minute due to medical situations.

I did get sometime with several of my projects. Spring Village, a Nutcracker, and Death by Cross Stitch. I also worked on the 2004 Christmas Tree Counted Canvas pattern. I am going to continue with that until it is finished since I am so close to the end.
All in all it was an amazing time. Already planning for next year. How fast can 12 months go?????

Saturday, March 3, 2018

March In like a Lion

Well the old expression of March comes in like a Lion and out like a lamb so far has been pretty accurate. I am not complaining because we need this rain so badly and it is nice to have it. So of the rest of you may not agree with this but here in Cali we can use all we can get.

My trip was quite nice. Time with the kids is always fun and we went to alot of places, of course the camera on my phone chose to take a powder and I got zero pictures. I will have the kids send me the ones they took but since I have been home I have not had much time. Work is busy!!!!! Yay and I am getting ready for my stitching retreat. Plus I have family members coming for a visit this week. So lots going on. I did get stitching done on the plane and some time in the evenings while waiting for my son.
I have been doing some sewing during my time back. We are putting together a thank you gift for the lady that organizes our retreat. I was handed the job of gathering the gifts because the lady that started this has had to have foot surgery and is unable to complete the task. I made an envelope project bag instead of putting all the gifts into a basket. I also made a needleminder for her. Both have owls because she is a big fan of owls.

I will hopefully have some pictures of our retreat to share with you in a couple weeks. Both stitching pieces and al the fun we have during out stay.

Happy stitching all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Leaving for a week

I am going out to visit my son for a week so thought I would do a quick post or else I will not make 2 posts this month.

As I told you I was working very hard to finish the Army emblem. I succeeded!!! YAYAYAYAYAAAA The blue lines you see are the waste canvas that I used to stitch this. They will be gone as soon as I finish the square.
I then picked up Spring Village. I would like to get it finished so I can use the table runner this year but I have been pulled in so many directions I do not think it will happen.
I am going to be taking a simple project with me on the trip so I have Mary Poppins kitted up. When I get back I will give an update as to how much I was able to accomplish.
I also have made an envelope bag as a gift for our retreat coordinator. I do not want o post at the moment because she may see it on my blog so I will not ruin the surprise until after our retreat in March.
 I received my bag of the month for February. At first I was a bit disappointed because it did not have the traditional hearts but once I got it out and admired it I am quite pleased with the design. It is beautiful and different. The added gift were heart buttons and a heart charm.

We had our monthly stitching meet and as we do every February we had an exchange. It has to be a stitching related gift either supplies or a stitched gift. I gave the bag, magnet, scissors, flosses, pattern, and 1 of my hand dyed fabrics. I received 3 patterns, a needleminder, Thread Heaven, Red Hand dyed floss and note pads with little mice stitching a heart.

Enjoy ladies and I will be back with pictures and stories after my trip.

Monday, February 5, 2018

The Groundhog says more Winter...... YEAH!!!!!!!

California needs the rain. I sure hope we get some. The rest of you are probably ready for spring but not here.

Some really exciting news. I saw an advertisement on Facebook for a tour going to Ireland.  And I have signed up. A friend may go with me but if not I will just meet some new stitching friends. This is so awesome because my Dad was a full blooded Irishman and I have always wanted to go there and see where we came from. What better way to do it then to have a stitching tour.

Come along with Just CrossStitch Magazine as we travel to Ireland! The Stitching in Ireland tour September 29-October 7, 2018. Along with seeing the beautiful sights of Ireland, we'll also have the opportunity to enjoy stitching workshops with our guest instructor Lorna Bateman!

Click here for more information and to reserve your spot:

I did pretty good on my Stitch from Stash, plus with the tour I am going on in Oct I have some really good incentive to save so when I am over there I can pick up some beautiful treasures. Both stitching and mementos. I have a roll-over from last year and then I did quite well not buying and just enjoying what I have. I did get a couple of patterns and I had to replace some floss but other then that worked on my rotation and stash. Being on the + side of things is always a good thing.

Stitch from Stash

Begin Balance                                                $ 87.53
Monthly Budget                                             $ 20.00
Monthly Finishes (4 pieces worked on)         $ 40.00

Subtotal                                                          $147.53

Purchases                                                     - $71.15

Final Total for the Month                              $76.38

Okay and now to show what I have been working on. I did a bit of experimenting with dyeing my own fabric. It was so much easier then I thought and the colors came out so pretty. Yellow, Pink (the bottle said Red but this is the color it came out), Purple, Green, Blue, Black, Peach and another Blue (this one I let set a bit longer but it is the same bottle as the first 2 Blues.  

 I have been stitching I am working very hard to finish up the Army Emblem and I had hoped to show you this time but unfortunately I am not quite done. It will have to wait for the next update. I did have a finish, I wanted something to display with my pink elephant from last years finishes. This sweet little guys was what I did. He is suppose to be Green but I made the changes to Pink. I had this pretty fabric in my quilting stash and I just love how it looks together with the bird. Oh it is a Jim Shore pattern.

Well I hope you have enjoyed my update and I will see you later in the month.