Sunday, August 21, 2016

2016 August Wipocalypse

I am a few days late putting up the post but I have been a busy bee with work, the yard and finishing projects so the time got away from me.  I just looked at the Wipocalypse and there is not an August post. I am pretty sure it is because of the family loss.

Our monthly question: Have you ever read any fictional books that involve embroidery?  If so, give us some recommendations? I love the series by Monica Ferris, It is called a Needlecraft Mystery and the main character is the owner of a Needlework shop named "Crewel World" and on the side she solves murder mysteries. It is a bit hokey and very much in the line of Murder She Wrote but it has so much needlework terminology it is just fun to read.

As for my work since last months update. I have several finished pieces, in my last post I detailed my Glendon Place finish so I will not go on about that so I will just show the completed piece. Along with  the card I did for my oldest sister. I finished it as a hanging so when she is finished with the card she can hang it at her desk at work. I also finally got my Mill Hill Santa made into a cube. I used some fabric I thought looked good with Santa, a gold ribbon and a few small presents.  

My final finish is not my projects. They are some stitching gifts that I received in a gift exchange, they were made into bookmarks but they are just too beautiful to hide in a book so I bought some balsa wood and I covered it with fabric I made a pillow with tassels and on top of each pillow is a small crown.

I am still working on some 6 WIPs. Another page finish on HAED Christmas Cottage by  Dona Gelsinger.
Working Beauty and the Beast a Disney kit and Minerva a Bewitching Pixie by Nora Corbett.

My Death by Cross Stitch is coming out really nice and my Halloween Night is beautiful on that hand-dye orange.

I have a new start on the 15th we started a Thanksgiving SAL on one of the Facebook groups. You had to choose an Autumn/Thanksgiving themed pattern and work on it from now until Thanksgiving. I picked Glendon Place Autumn Ala Round on 28 count Irish Linen. I do not usually work on linen because I do not like the slubs but I had this piece of fabric and it is beautiful with these fall colors. 

Hope to see you back next post!!!!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Glendon Place Mix

In my last post I had a teaser about a project I have been working on for a while. Well today I have the unveiling. I am pretty proud of how it all turned out. Of course as our own worst critics we always find one over two things we could have done different. I am no different, but I am very happy with this one and am excited to have it as part of my Halloween decorations this year.

I combined 2 of the Glendon Place patterns  Frank's Family Portrait and Whooligan's  Hangout.

The result is ...... amazing!!!!! At least I think it came out awesome.
 So now for some of the changes I made. The mansion windows are DMC E980 as are the eyes on the skull of the tombstone. The eyes of the bat on Mrs Franks belt are DMC E990. The moon was suppose to be Caron Collection Lemon-Lime, but I wanted a more harvest moon so I changes it to Caron Papaya. The bat on the moon is my added embellishment.

The charms that Mrs is wearing came with the pattern but I added a few more charms I got my husband to modify some rivets for the bolts on Frank's neck. I added the spider on the end of the string hanging off the branch and I added the dancing skeletons over by the smaller tombstones.

 And finally the fabric that I used to back the project.

Thank you for reading.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

August and the Olympics

Well here we are and it is already August. Work is just crazy and it is cutting into my crafting time. I wish I had more time but when you are self-employed you are just happy that you are busy. I am watching the opening games of the Olympics. I pray that all of the athletes and there coaches and support staff will all stay safe and enjoy this special event. The ceremony was simple and yet I thought they did a very nice job. I will be watching the swimming events with an added interest. A dear friends grandson will be competing on the USA team.

I have updates on just about everything I am working on. I am very close to another page finish on my HAED Christmas Cottage. I am working hard on finishing both Beauty and the Beast and also Minerva. I have not worked on Joy for a month. I have lost focus on that one but I will get back on track once I finish the other 2.

 I also have 3 new starts. On Facebook I saw the Death by Cross Stitch Sampler and I fell in love with it. I bought the pattern and kitted it up. I started it July 26th. I really love this pattern and I do not know why. I just talks to me and I do not normally like samplers. The 2nd new start was also inspired by Facebook. One of the groups I am part of is having a Halloween SAL. All you have to do is pick a Halloween themed piece. Start August 1st and stitch until finished or until Oct 31st.And my final new start is a birthday card for my sister. She made me the gorgeous card I showed you in a previous post. She loves daisies so I am making her a card with those flowers. Have to do it quick as her birthday is on the 20th of this month.

Finally I have a finish but I am not going to show it to you YET. I want to get the embellishments added on first. Right now I have to find 2 pieces that I am going to add and then I can show it off. So look back possibly next week and I will have it ready to share.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

2016 July Wipocalypse

 Well I checked in for the Wipocalypse and so far no posting. I want to get this posted on my blog as the rest of the week is going to be super busy.

This months question is  "Tell us how this year’s stitching is going for you so far, and if you’re meeting your stitching goals so far for the year." I did not make any plans this year other then stitch all for me. I have so far stayed on track other then 1 project for my friend with cancer. I can not plan that for later so I did it up real quick. I have several completions and a good amount done on my Christmas Cottage, I am pleased with the progress and hope for a couple more finishes.

What have I done since my last progress update???????  I have worked on Christmas Cottage charted by HAED art work is Dona Gelsinger. I have worked on Minerva and got the tree, moon and part of the leaves done. And I have worked on Beauty and the Beast.

 I finished this mini Mill Hill snowmanhe was won from a Facebook competition. Very cute and quick.  

On the personal side my birthday was at the beginning of the month and I got my annual handmade card from my oldest sister. She is a scrapbooking master and makes gorgeous cards for the family. I also went a bit goofy and I got a tattoo. I never thought I would get one but the idea came to me. I love snowmen and especially Olaf from frozen. The sentiment about melting is a good one so I added the snowflakes for hubby and our kids and there you go. This picture was taken as soon as it was complete, I will show a new picture when it has finished healing and peeling so you will see the colors better

The deer are all over the place up at the house one after noon came home from work and the doe was lying under the trees out of the sun. Later in the evening a buck and his 2 ladies went trotting by the front window. 
And finally on a very sad note I had to put my sweet girl down today. She had quit eating and drinking and we had to let her go. It was not fair to make her suffer, and be selfish. So we said our goodbyes and let her go. 18.5 years of love and companionship. She was such a character and the best darn huntress. Had at least 1 dead critter per day and she liked to share. No more being supervised when I am in my sewing room and no more over the shoulder viewing when I am stitching. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Busy Summer

It has been a very busy summer so far. Work is busy and my daughter and Son-in-Law surprised us by coming home for a visit for my birthday. They just showed up on Thursday. So fun to have them home for a few days. But that means that stitching is put on hold.

Since I last posted I have only worked a small amount on Whooligan's hangout. I got the path finished and I am working on the fence again.


That is the only cross stitch I have managed. But I did do a bit of sewing I have 2 more wallets finished. 

I got to spend a bit of money at the Shop Hop that the local quilting shops host each year. I love going to all of the shops and seeing the new fabric for the year. 

 I really hope I can get some stitching time in the next few weeks. Beauty and the Beast and Whooligans Hangout are very close to a finish.

Monday, June 20, 2016

2016 June Wipocalypse

The full moon and Summer Solstice!!!! What an interesting time. The heat has come out which means I am not a happy camper. I prefer the cool/cold weather which leads to our question of the month.

Do you find yourself more productive with stitching in summer or winter?

Well I like to stitch year round and I can usually get the same amount of time to stitch. since I do not like the heat, I tend to stay indoors to keep cool. That means stitching time.

What have I been doing stitchy wise??? Well lets see.
My HAED Christmas Cottage has another page finish. This makes 20 pages done.
Disney's Beauty and the Beast is getting closer and closer to a finish. Along with Whooligan's Hangout from Glendon Place.
 Saturday I finally pulled out my canvas work JOY and got a bit of work on it. I was at my LNS with my stitching group. 
I also have a new start. One of the groups I am with on Facebook has an SAL Challenge. The theme was Treasure Stitch, you were to pick a design that  had something in it that you would find in/with a Treasure Chest....... ie; jewels, gold coin, crowns, keys, pirates, ships, islands and so on. My design has jewels in it so I am stitching her. Minerva by Nora Corbett. I have made a few changes already the black in her dress and hat are now a dark hunter green. All of the beads, so far, are changed to metallic Glissen Gloss and Rainbow 2 greens and the rust on the tree limb. The tree is 4130 DMC and the moon is Caron Collection Lemon/Lime. And on the owls eye I made them half stitches and use DMC Neon E980. The pictures will not show it well but the fabric I am using is mint green.
 I have 2 new finishes I have my owl who sets by the front door. It was a fun little stitch and the finishing was something new for me and that was to use an old wooden hoop that I got from my MIL. The second finish is for a friend. She is going through some really intense cancer therapy and I wanted to send he a gift to lift her spirits and show some support .  I finished it off as a card with some fun fabric and ribbon.
I have recently bought some new patterns both cross stitch and quilting. 
I have gotten a bit long winded with this post I hope you are still with me because I will leave you with a picture from a couple days ago. I live in the country and we have deer in the fields around use. Well they like to come in and eat the rose bushes. I got a really good picture of the doe. We also have a young buck, but he is harder capture. 
I hope you have a nice summer with lots of stitching and many fun days. See you next month.