Saturday, March 11, 2017

March Already!!!!/!?!

This year is going so fast. Already into March and I have no new starts because I want to finish off a few current works. I am going so slow because I am doing alot more sewing and crocheting this year. If only I was an Octopus and could do them all at the same time.

My Etsy store is set up and I have added more items but so far the interest is not there. Oh well I will wait and see if it picks up. These are early days with the store. I have 2 new handbags that are big enough to be used as project bags. And also a few more Threadcatchers.

My stitching is coming along pretty well Christmas Cottage by Dona Gelsinger charted by HAED I am very close to another page finish and that will complete the top 3 rows.
Death by Cross Stitch Sampler by Long Dog Sampler Designs is growing. The first 3 pages are complete and the top boarder is in place.
And I have a finish. This is a gift for a friend who organizes our annual stitching retreat. She loves owls and the quote is one I just love.

I am currently gathering supplies and projects for my annual stitching retreat. It is on the 22nd of this month. 5 full days of stitching, visiting with fellow stitchers, being feed the best food ever. And just enjoying myself and my craft. I may update before I leave if there is anything to report. But I will be sure to post when I get back.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

February Sewing.

I have been doing lots of sewing and not so much stitching. Since my Etsy account opened I have had a load of special orders so my sewing time is going up. It is fun but it does cut into my cross stitching.

Here are a few of my orders

I also have some fun new projects that I still have to add to my Etsy account when I get some time to take some better pictures. They are called thread catchers and they have a pincushion, 3 slots a pocket and the bin. These are just 3 of the ones I have made

I have a pocketed purse that I will be doing more of and I made it a matching wallet
As you can see I have been doing lots with my sewing machine but I have not totally neglected my cross stitch.
Autumn ala Round is getting sometime under the needle as did my Snowmen.

And I am working on the Owls and am so close to a finish I have continued on with it for an extra few days. I will have it done by my next post.

Our stitching group always has a Valentine gift exchange when we meet in February. We put together a gift that in someway is stitching related. Either a hand stitched gift or chart and fabric or threads or accessories this year I made one of the thread catchers in Valentine fabric and gave it along with a few other treats.I added 5 counting pins, a boo boo stick, a tape measure, a nail file, a pencil and a small magnet.

Hope you are enjoying your stitching and are finding time to stitch!!!!!!! See you soon.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

A new adventure!!!!

I have been talking about this for several months but I never took the time to set up a store in Etsy, well I finally did it while my daughter was home for a visit. It was actually easier then I thought. It took a bit of time for the pictures to be loaded and a bio to be set but I am happy with it so far. If any of you are interested in a quick peek this is my shop address

Now for my updates on the stitching

I have a finish for the year and I have a new start.

I took Joy with me to my stitching group and with help from my ladies I was able to finish the stitching. Then I started a project that actually has a deadline. I need to finish this one in time to take it with me to my stitching retreat in March.

Joy: a full picture and a close up of the Ornament that was my hardest part. Not perfect but nice and I will be happy to display it next Christmas.

These owls are my new start. I can not show a picture of what the finish wil be because I am using parts from several patterns to create this project.
I have progress on several others, my HAED Christmas Cottage, the Death by Cross Stitch Sampler, and the Snowmen.
That is all for now I have been doing a bit of sewing so my time is split and that means not as much to report but I am getting there and with only one deadline I am not pressed to get anything done in a hurry, for me that is the best way to work.

Hope you all enjoy you Valentine Day!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 20, 2017

January Updates

It has been longer then I wanted it to be, but of course I caught a cold and have been under the weather for the last week. Started out with hubby and of course he had to share it with me. I am now back to feeling right and able to stitch.

I know it is a bit late for this but I have my New Years Stitching Resolutions. I will finish at least 4 of the WIPs I am currently working on. I may not get Death by Cross Stitch finished but I am hoping that I can. And I will definitely not get Christmas Cottage finished in this calendar year. I plan to start and finish at least 3 of the quilt blocks for my son's quilt I am stitching for him. and I want to start at least 3 more projects for myself. One of those is another of the Bewitching Pixies by Nora Corbett.
I also want to get my Etsy shop set up and opened to sell some of my sewing projects, and spend less time looking at Facebook and more time getting my stitching finished.

And updates from my WIP's

Joan Elliot - Cocoa Snowmen
Laura J Perin - Christmas Tree 2004
Dona Gelsinger - Christmas Cottage charted by HAED
Long Dog Sampler - Death by Cross Stitch
Glendon Place - Autumn ala Round, this little brat is going into a "Time Out" I have spent the last 3 days on it and only got 1 full leaf and a portion of a 2nd worked. The frog has come for a visit and is refusing to leave. so off to the naughty corner.
Tomorrow I will be going to my stitching groups monthly meeting I hope to get Joy completed and when I do I will be starting a new project. It is a chart I have made for a friend.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year First Post

So lets do a summery of 2016. Should have done this yesterday but I had a mission, I will explain more about that as we go.

2016 was the year I said I am stitching just for ME. And I was very good at sticking to this with only 3 projects for others and those were smalls. 2 birthday cards for sisters and a card for a friend going thought cancer treatment.

I had several finishes large small and in between.

I have 6 WIP's that will be rolled over into 2017. Counted canvas work Joy and Christmas Tree
Autumn Ala Round by Glendon Place, Snowmen by Joan Elliot (there are 6 of these which I am working on a single fabric, 1 is finished and the 2nd is very close) and Death by Cross Stitch

Finally Christmas Cottage by Dona Gelsinger pattern by HAED. I was so hoping to have a page finish yesterday. I had 2100 stitches to complete the page when the clock struck midnight I was about 750 short. Lots of confetti did me in. BOO........ but I did complete 6 pages in 2016 so that is a good thing.
So that was my thread work for the year. I also had sewing projects. Wallets, Owls, and a t-shirt quilt. Most of these were either sold or given as gifts.

And finally just a couple weeks ago a friend had to go in for surgery and she is having a very rough time with her health so to pick her up I made her an afghan. She is a big fan of  Bauer Ware Dishes so the colors of the yarn is as close as I could get.
All in all I had a good year. Lots of stitching, work was very busy and we had a trip to Australia for a combination of work and pleasure. Got a new puppy who is a little scamp, but a pure joy to have. I will not complain about it as I am still here with hubby and kids. What more can you ask for. Enjoy 2017 and I will see you all through out the year with updates and news.