Sunday, October 4, 2015

Halloween Decorations

I just love Halloween and I love Halloween stitching as well. I have now brought out all the decorations and the house truly feels as if fall is here.

This year I have made 4 new displays 3 with stitching and one just for fun.

Last year I had Luna done but I had not yet completed Ana. The patterns are 2 of Nora Corbett Bewitching Pixies, I believe there are 8 of them now I have modified mine to suit my tastes so hers will look a bit different. I changed colors and added my own embellishments . I have been trying to decide how to hang them. I had a root around my craft room and found 2 cauldrons that have been stuffed in a drawer and thought hot diggity. I painted the dowel that they are hanging on had hubby drill holes in the side of each cauldron and stuck them on the ends of the dowel. Pulled some fluff off the fake spider web and poked it in the pots then cut a small bit of sparkle branches off some of the stuff I got from Michael's the other day and put that in each of the pots to make it look like there is potion boiling up. I am pleased with the results all except the hanger. I had to go into town and as long as I was on the same side of town I decided to run into Michael's just to see if there was anything I could find to cover up that hanger. I was hoping to find the word Bewitched and can you believe they had it. The very last one on the rack but it was there. OMG now I just have to decide if I want to paint it black and add green sparkles or green with black sparkles. How darn perfect is that!!!!!!

I mentioned in the Wipocalypse that I had a unique idea for finishing the Boo from JCS Halloween mag. Well this is what I have done and I love that it came out as I was hoping it would. 
While I was gathering together the trims and embellishments for that one I saw a really fun decoration display that they had in the floral section of Michael's, they wanted $129 for it. I looked around and found almost all of the same decorations most of them 60% off because they were Halloween items so I bought all of them plus several frames a couple of storage boxes and a candy bar....
(wink, wink) and all of that was $89. Came home and went to my craft room and assembled the same decoration. This is on the counter by the front door.
 And finally my last Halloween decoration for this year, I have to get those Christmas gifts stitched. But I could not resist this one. At first I was not expecting to do any stitching for this but when I was putting it together yesterday it just screamed for one of the Glendon Place; Monster March Characters. It was small and quick to stitch.


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