Friday, October 9, 2015

Installment 2 of My Blog Contest

Well 2 weeks ago I started this mystery. It is a pattern I created to make into a gift for a friend. I told you all to think outside the box and you all did a great job of that but none of the answers were correct so here is the second hint and a new picture to help with the guessing.

The hint is .......this is not a seasonal design. There is not holiday or season for this pattern. It is generic as far as that goes.  And the picture updates.
I also thought you also might like a peek at the pattern and fabric that the winner will recieve. 

So good luck to all that want to participate.


  1. Looks like a little aviator to me...

  2. I think it's a steam punk character.
    (reminds me of one of the characters from Ghibli)

  3. Oh boy some one is a smart little cookie!!!!!! Melanie got it right. This is going to be a pilot. Well done and quick thinking!!!!!!

  4. Well done!!!!! Could you send me a message to We can work out the details of getting you, your prize.

  5. Wish I had seen this sooner because I thought aviator too. Congrats to Melanie!

  6. Thanks so much Rose! I'll send an email now. :)


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