Monday, November 20, 2017

November Continues

Update on puppy, 2 weeks after the attack and he is well on the way to recovery. It has been long and frustrating but the wounds have finally stopped leaking and things look so much better. Poor boy, he has been so good with all of this. Now when i get the bandages and cleaning supplies out he hides. I know he is just tired of it all but it does make it longer to get it done when I have to track him down. I did not want the pictures to be too graphic So I took a few at the correct angle.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving with good food, good people and good health!!!!!!!
 This is my only WIP update, making fabulous progress and it really comes together amazing when you get the BS in. See you next month!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A month of Thankfulness

I had meant to make this post last week but unfortunately we had a bit of an issue. The Monday after we turned our clocks back my poor puppy was attacked. The animals do not understand the time change, they are used to getting up and going out. We have a system where I go out and check the front yard because of the darkness for critters, mainly skunks as we do not want a situation first thing in the morning. I did this and then I let the boys out they go around the front of the house water all the bushes and then go to an area to poop. I stay on the front porch check the hummingbird feeders and just wait for them to return so we can go in and have breakfast. My boy did not have his collar on this day, as he had a bath the night before and I had not got it back on. This is important because the tags on his collar jingle when he moves so you know where he is. I can only assume, as I did not see the incident but he must have startled the coyote that morning, it was dark, he was silent moving around and they just came upon each other. He never cried out, he never barked, no noise to alert me there was a problem. I went to see what was holding him up and as I came around the corner he was coming back and I could see blood on his neck. I grabbed him up and got him in the house checked the damage and called my vet. Oh course at 10 to 7 they were not open and the closest emergency vet was a 2 hour drive away. My vet would open in 1 hour, so I called the emergency and they walked me through some triage for him and agreed that is was okay to wait for the closer location to open. He has done well with the recovery but of course there were set backs swelling, some infection, no appetite, and stitches not holding. I am happy to say we are past the worst of it and he is no worse for wear but it was a bad week of nursing him and worry. 

I did get some stitching done and it helped me calm down during a trying time. So lets have an update with the WIP's In the last post I mentioned going to my LNS and having a fun time well I did not post pictures of what I worked on that day. I pulled out the counted canvas piece that I was gifted. I have not worked this on some time so it was nice to get it out and put some stitches in. I will show a before and after set since it has been so long since this one was a focus.

I also put time on HAED Christmas Cottage by Dona Gelsinger. This is about 1/3 of the page done. There is a load of confetti in those trees and lights as you can well imagine.
I also pulled out Death by Cross Stitch from Long Dog Sampler Finished up the boarder along the bottom of the Lion and then found a boarder for the right side of him, the stars and diamonds seem to work well with this. I got it out of the book Cross Stitch Silhouettes by Adele Welsby. And then a bit of a start on the next section. This is fun figuring out the best place for the colors I am working with.
I FFO'd the lighthouse for my daughter. Got material from Joann's that I think really set off the finished stitching, added the charms found some twine in my stash that looked like rope and I looked on the internet for some sailor knots and tied a few to add as embellishments. They may not be correctly done but they work for this situation. I will wrap it up and Christmas present is done.
Finally some Thread Porn. When I was in Virginia for our latest visit I came across some thread that was just gorgeous. A lady at one of the shops was stitching with it. She bought it off of Etsy from a couple in Australia, she gave me the shop name and I could just not resist. I came is a very short amount of time even from Oz and it is beautiful.
Happy stitching to you all. With the cooler weather I hope that you are finding a bit more stitching time. Hope to see you back with my next post.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Halloween Fun

It is the night before Halloween and all the creepy, crawlies, scary, go bump in the night things are out and ready to party tomorrow. Sunday my LNS had a come and stitch with us and have some fun. The owners and some of the regulars cooked. There was chili, cornbread, cupcakes, and treats. Each stitcher was able to choose a goodie bag, you got several pieces of candy and also a coupon good for Sunday only with anything from 10 to 50% off. Mine had a 20% coupon. There was also a lottery draw for any in shop canvas $200 or less. I was trying with all my might to be good, but my so called friends kept telling me to get it AND when I asked my hubby what he thought he said if you want it get it. Well my will power was weak and I did it. I bought this canvas of Santa. I love his look and the animals and oh just everything about him. He is a painted canvas by Sandra Gilmore called Bless the Beasts, it is going to be massive as it is 28X22 but I can not wait to get started.

 Since returning home I have done some catch up stitching. I have 1/2 of Pumpkin Splendor complete. That is my table topper. I finished the Antique Shop on my Spring Village by Stoney Creek. It is so awesome to see patterns come to life when you get the BS added. The only difference from the 2 pictures of the shop is I added the backstitching. Loving it.

The other thing is I started and finished the Lighthouse pattern I bought while on vacation. I will add the charms on in the location I have them set-up and then mount it and ta-da instant Christmas gift. I think my daughter will love it.
A much shorter post this time. I hope I did not over whelm you all with the last post.

Enjoy your stitching and will be on in a few weeks with a November update.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Back from Vacation

WE had a wonderful time. The weather was good for the most part. HUMIDITY But it was great to see the kids. Went and explored the much fabulous AMERICAN History on the east coast and especially this area. Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown, Kitty Hawk, Cape Hatteras, Fort Raleigh and the Roanoke Aquarium. So much to soak in and we could have seen even more with more time.
So Williamsburg this is what they cal the Governor's Palace then the colony commons and there was the Ox drawn Cart

Jamestown had this wonderful Glasshouse. They blow glass on the site where an original site was set up and they use an oven and tools as if you are in the 1500's very talented and a blast from the past.

Yorktown had a great Museum that houses a tent that George Washington used during the Revolutionary War. Impressive!!!!!! I did not get a picture it is on hubby's phone. But got a photo of the memorial of the place Cornwallis surrendered. And the view of the bay.

For the week end we traveled to what they cal the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Of course we could not pass by Kitty Hawk without stopping. If it were not for Orville and Wilbur we would not be have the business we do. The Monument to then is at the op of a small berm and looks over this beautiful field. And a nice area with cast iron statues depicting the historic event.

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is the tallest Brick lighthouse in the US and the 2nd tallest in the world. We walked up and had a look around. Glad is was a cool day or else not sure it would have been quite the same.

Moved on to Roanoke Island were the Lost Colony was established. There is another museum we visited that gives lots of information and has artifacts they have recovered and a gorgeous botanical gardens. Named the Elizabethan Gardens this statue of Queen Elizabeth greets you as you explore 16 acres of flowers, trees, plants and birds and butterflies. Beautiful even this late in the seasons.

 And finally the aquarium all local species next to the bay. At first we thought this white alligator was a statue but then one of the employees explained no he is really. He is not a true albino as he has some pigmentation just not alot. I do not recall the name they said but regardless he was a bit creepy.

Of course I have many more pictures but this gives you an idea of the trip. I actually took 2 projects to work on, I was not sure how much time I would have but I knew the flight would be some time. I did well and worked the shoes on to this piece to compliment the hat I had stitched last year. The shoe was a freebie from the Sullivan Threads site last year.
I found 2 Stitching shops One in Virginia Beach named Dyeing to Stitch, what a great little shop the ladies were very friendly and welcoming. I got several patterns and threads from them and spent a good hour just looking around and visiting. The other shop was in the Williamsburg area and I was looking forward to visiting as the reviews and recommendations I had received made it sound wonderful. It was called Haus Tirol-Stitching Well I must say I was very disappointed. The store was larger but the variety of charts and fabric was much less then the other store and not nearly as welcoming. We were not greeted at all,  even though when we first came in the store was empty. I was looking through the fabric because I wanted to buy a piece for an up coming project I have in mind and had decided that I would get it from them as a fun thing as a memento. I found a piece I liked but it was not the right size so I had to track down an employee and asked if they had any larger pieces. She said they had pieces they could count and what size would I need I told her and she huffed over to some drawers behind the counter. They did not have that color so she asked what I was going to use it for, I showed her the pattern and she immediately tells me that the fabric I chose is not good for that pattern. She would never stitch it on that color and how a better color would be darker and on and on. She then pulled 3 colors she said she liked for the pattern and asked which one I wanted. I did not like any of them and when I told her that she huffed at me again. I said it was ok that they did not have the fabric I wanted I would just have to try to get it elsewhere. She did not like that at all she said she could order some and made several other suggestions on colors and I just said no thank you I would find what I wanted later. That really put her nose out and she said well if you really want that piece I could order it for you. I said no I am from out of state and only stopped in because they were recommended and I thought it would be nice to buy it but since it was not available I would figure it out and I left. I get that shops like to help with fabric choices and all but to tell some one they should not use that color because that person does not like it I find rude. So I did not buy any from that shop and I made a second trip to the first shop and gave them more of my business. First picture is the pattern with the fabric I will use to stitch them al are gifts for my daughter. Next is a pattern with the over-dye threads I will use to stitch it. 3rd picture the fabric I wanted for the pattern that the lady told me was not a good option. 4th 3 patterns that will be worked up for myself. And finally some pretty over-dye thread and a pattern booklet of smalls for Halloween. 

I mentioned in a previous post I was doing a self  "Stitch from Stash" with the patterns and fabric I bought on vacation you might think I had a major fail. Well here is my thought, these are not things I would have bought if I had not gone on vacation so I am giving my self an exemption. I traveled more then 500 miles from home with I will not do on a month to month basis so those purchases that I made at a physical store I am not going to count against my accounting. However for September I did buy a few things online that I must account for and I also bought from my LNS that also count. At the Start of September I had $21.68 rollover I bought patterns, fabric and thread for a project hubby asked me to stitch for him (and a couple extra I had been watching) wink wink.... that came to$188.15. I had finishes and progress on WIP's that came to $44.00 and the $25.00 that I get for each month. After all the adding and subtracting I come to -$97.47 Al in al it was a bad month for staying in budget. I hope to do much better in October. 

Well if you made it all the way to the end good for you. This has been quite a long post. I hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I will catch you latter this month hopefully.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Fall Equinox

This is the best time of year. The colors of the changing leaves, the smells of spice and warm meals, the anticipation of all the holidays, the cooler weather. It is just a perfect time as far as I am concerned.

This will have to be my September/October post as we are going to fly out and see our kids. I will have internet but I will be enjoying the east coast so not much time to post on the blog.

It has been a better time since last post. My health is better so it is easier to pick up my stitching. Hockey pre-season has started which is awesome and College football on Saturdays. What a great time.

I was able to get an FFO on my counted canvas piece. I have been looking for the perfect way to finish it and I think I found it. I got a wood stand from Michael's and I had fabric, trim and a decorative topper that really sets it off well.

 I also worked on a few of my other WIPS The Death by Cross Stitch Sampler is still a favorite and it is hard at times to rotate from it. his time I filled in the area in the center. I have modified it because of my peacock modification. I am only putting in 1 of the Lions I have changed the tail, the area around his mouth and instead of the Letters in each of the upper corners I made up a lock and key for that part of the design. When it comes back into rotation I will find a boarder pattern for the right side.
 I also worked on the Army Emblem for my son's quilt and the table topper with the pumpkin silhouettes. On the flags all of the white is stitched. It is hard to tell when working on white fabric, what I do is stitch all of the colors that surround it and then just fill in the white. There is a lot of gold to come and then the back stitching to give it definition.
This catches me up with what I have been up too. Next post will be a report from our trip and maybe a bit of stitching it will all depend on how much time I will have had during our travels. 

Enjoy the fall and I hope your stitches are even and your thread never tangles!!!!!