Monday, August 21, 2017

Eclipse Day

Well did you all have a nice Eclipse Day???? This is what I saw.........
Yep we had cloud cover until well past the eclipse time. It did not clear off until 1:30pm PST. Oh well i am sure I will see a ton of pictures all over Facebook so, come si, come sa

Now on to the stitching news. I am loving these JBW designs I have small finishes all over the place. They are adorable and quick. 3 more stitched and I hope to have them FFO'ed this week. These pictures do not show the fabric color well at all. The butterfly, basket of flowers and the leaf are all done on a hand-dyed dark blue called Herald and the umbrella is a nice light blue/green with sparkle. 18 count.

 And I did another small freebie from the web, not sure which blog it came from.
 In my last post I told you I was going to start a new project that day. It is a Halloween table topper. The fabric is 25 count Colmar-Carre Limegreen gingham and I am working over 2 with 3 strands of DMC Black.The pattern is from Zwiegert magazine "at home with Needlework". I chose to use limegreen because most of my Halloween decorations are green.

I also had a commissioned bag to sew for a friend. It is for a bee keeper who sells his honey at local farmers markets. Such a fun project as the fabric was cute.

Puppy is doing well and no ill effects from his resent change. He was back to running around crazy with in 2 days. You are suppose to keep them calm for a week to let the healing complete. Anyone who knows terriers will understand how hard that is. Hyper dogs.

Enjoy the end of summer and those of you with kids or who yourself are back in school be careful and study hard!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

August Updates

Wow here it is August 2nd and I am just know making a post. July just flew by and I only made the 1 post. I sure hope I have a bit more luck in August and can make more then a single.

I will start out with my finishes, a couple months ago I showed you the blanket that I was working on. It is intended as a gift for a friend at Christmas. It took longer to finish then usually because the heat we are having makes it all but impossible to have that laying on my lap. But it finally cooled off enough for me to finish it up.
I also got 2 small stitches finished and FFO-ed (Fully Finished Object) One a few days after the 4th and the other a couple days after that.The Mini Block Stitches was a pattern with charms that was given to me by a fellow stitcher, she had it in her stash but decided she would never stitch it so passed it along. We do this alot in our stitch group. The cart is a JBW design called French Cart. I had hoped to complete them by the 4th but did not. Oh well no worries, next year they will be ready.

My MPP's (multi-page projects) also have some finishes. The HEAD I have finished page 25. The DBCS (Death by Cross Stitch) I finished about 1 and 1/3 pages. I did this to complete the motif. And finally the Army Emblem I have about a page and 1/2 finished. I am working all 4 pages together so I do not have a single completed page but counting the grid you come up with my 1 1/2 page finish.
Those are all of my finishes. I have a new start. I am working Spring Village from Stoney Creek Designs. I am working it on a poly/blend table runner that I bought at Joann's one time when they were having a sale. I am using waste canvas and all of the floss will be DMC.
 I am currently putting a new project into the mix I will start as soon as this update is complete. It is a Halloween design and I hope to have it complete for this years decorations. I will post pictures on my next update.

I had a bit of fun with some sales items I found at Michael's. I have been looking for a summer decoration that is not 4th of July themed and this fit the bill. Everything was 70% off and I must say I did a pretty nice job of setting it up.
Finally my baby turned 1 on July 31st. And what you may ask did I think was a good present for him.......well he got neutered. I would not have done it to him but the cat was getting a bit paranoid when he walked across he room. So he got the snip. They only had Monday open for the next 3 weeks and I just said well it needs done, birthday or not. He is just fine and happy as ever now but that day he was rather subdued