Friday, April 8, 2016

Before I go

I thought that I better put in an update before I leave. Hubby and I are off on a business/vacation. We are heading to Australia for 26 days. I am so excited. I have never been there and it is a place I have ALWAYS wanted to go. So a post before I go and when I get back I will be gushing with stories and pictures. I am having a really hard time trying to choose what project to take with me. I have limited room in the luggage but I know I have to have something with me or go nuts. 

I got the 7th package from the Gadgets, Gizmos and Great inventions. This one was for fuzzy stuff. New scissors for cutting threads when you are working turkey stitches or others that need cut. 2 different styles of brushes to fluff up threads for the fuzzy look to your stitching. 2 booboo sticks to use when your threads start to fray or when you have to frog and it leaves behind little pieces of thread. A very soft tooth brush also for whisking away pieces of thread. Some felt for finishing and also the round pads are for giving a bit of bulk.
 Santa got finished. He looks great and the beads did not overwhelm me but I still will replace most of them on future projects.

I got another page finished on Christmas Cottage and a good bit worked on the next page. So 1 through 16 done along with 23,24. Working on 22.
I have worked on my owl and my embroidery piece they are super fun to work on and it has been exciting to learn new stitches.
 I have worked a bit on Beauty and the Beast and also my Glendon Place piece but not really much to show so no point in adding pictures. 

I have started another project, I want to make for a friend. She is going through some really tough times and I want to make her just a small inspirational piece. I hope it will work. 

Also I have a confession. In the last month I have bought over $400 of new fabric. I am not a big quilter but I like to have fabric to use for my finishings and that is fine but this seems a bit excessive even for me.I also bought 3 yards of plain white and 3 yards of a design I already had but was running short on. I did not take pictures of those.

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