Monday, October 31, 2016


Do you like it??? I really enjoy decorating the house for it. We live 12 miles out in the country so we do not get any kids but the fun of the season for me is the weather the stitching designs and the smells of the cooking apple cider, pumpkin, a good hardy stew. Nothing is better. I do not get people saying it is evil or sends the wrong message. Look back in history the church was the ones that gave it the evil connotation not the Wickens or Pagens they rejoice in the Fall Equinox and being one with the earth. I was raised Catholic but I do not agree with all of their views and this is one I disagree with.

Alright enough of my soap-boxing lets get to the stitching. Looking back my last post was Wipocalypse. Since then I have not had anymore time for my cross stitching but I have been sewing so my thread time is good. I had a request for 2 of my wallets as Christmas gifts. All she said was one she wanted in purple and one in peach. Well as you can imagine that leaves alot to the imagination. I made 2 of each color and will let her choose and the others I will add to my inventory. I really need to get my butt in gear and open my Etsy store.

I have worked on Poof by Ursula Michaels, Autumn Ala Round by Glendon Place and Joy Joy Joy by Kelly Clark

As we all know Christmas is right around the corner.....oh my that is scary. Well that is beside the point but it made me think. I don't have a Christmas stitch on the go. Well yes there is Joy but that is embroidery on cross stitch so it does not count. I need..... yes, NEED to start a Christmas stitch so I pulled out these Snowmen I bought last year but did not get time to stitch yet. They will be stitched on 16 count snowflake aida I bought from silkweaver and they will all be on 1 banner. I will add either Welcome or Merry Christmas over top them. I am using the floss that cam with the kit but I do not really care for it. It feels rough to me so I am thinking they use Sullivan floss. It should be fun as I go along.
I showed you the finished stitching of my sisters card but while I was in the sewing room I FFOed this into a hanging ornament for her. I used 1 of the many stitches that my new machine has to offer and although it is a bit wonky I am sure she will love it.

I hope you enjoy the evening and welcome you back for my next posting. It will be November already and that means Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year are quickly approaching.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Wipocalypse October 16 2016 Referred to as the Hunter's Moon

Hello all I am happy to talk to you all again this month. I look forward to seeing all your blog up dates. I will say my stitching time was much less this month. New puppy is taking time to play with and the training of course but he is just such a fun little man!!!!!

 Time for the monthly question:

 What online stitching communities do you enjoy?
Because I really am not a big internet person I limit the places I go for just about everything. 10 years ago I found a fun little stitching forum. At the time it was very new and small we had some great people and it felt like a family. about 4 years in it started to grow rapidly and needed a moderator and because I was one of the original members and I wanted the forum to survive I volunteered to do the job. It was great still small very little drama and still felt like family but then something hapened and the fun started to retreat. Maybe it was because of growth or because I was the one everyone made the complains to or maybe I got burned out. Finally after 10 years I had to take a break. I still love what the forum can give support, encouragement, advice and more but for me right now it is not my first place to go. Right at this minute my places to go is Facebook. I am in 2 groups and for me that is enough. I enjoy the sharing but sometimes the drama is a bit ridiculous. And of course I really enjoy the Wipocalypse post and I will make trip to several of the blog from there if I have time during the month.

For the updates small bits on all of the WIP's and of course every little bit is a step in the right direction. Christmas Cottage (HAED) Poof by Ursula Michaels, Autum Ala Round by Glendon Place, Joy Joy Joy by Kelly Clark and Death By Cross Stitch by Long Dog Samplers

I had 2 finishes since last months post a small....Tea cup for sisters Birthday card and Beauty and the Beast

So that is my update hope to see alot of new starts and progress from all you ladies and gents.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Small steps on stitching

My new puppy is still taking lots of my time. I just love playing with him and of course he has so much energy. Training is going very well and I hope to be able to say that we are 100% trained by the end of the month. These are just such smart dog that training is quite an easy thing.
But let's see some stitching did get some of my time. I finished the card I was doing for my sister. So happy I have it ready for her birthday so early.The picture does not show it but the fabric is a nice peach color. JOY- I worked with this on finished the small joy in a soft Silk Lame' Braid from from RG, started on the other Joy that I will do in a deeper gold and I worked quite a bit of the white background. The pattern of the background needs my full concentration so that with all the breaks from the words the pattern meets up properly. I have had many frogs because I miss counted and then have to go back and redo the placement of the diamonds. It will all be well worth it in the end but it is frustrating at times. Finally My Autumn Ala Round got another leaf and some more sparkle. I hate really I hate this linen with its slubs and extra counting and so many other things I just do not like. I can not wait to be done with this and then no more linen works.

I did get Poof started and it is looking great. I have subbed out most of the colors. The ones the pattern called for were so dull that it just did not look good on the fabric I chose.Fun stuff.