Monday, October 10, 2016

Small steps on stitching

My new puppy is still taking lots of my time. I just love playing with him and of course he has so much energy. Training is going very well and I hope to be able to say that we are 100% trained by the end of the month. These are just such smart dog that training is quite an easy thing.
But let's see some stitching did get some of my time. I finished the card I was doing for my sister. So happy I have it ready for her birthday so early.The picture does not show it but the fabric is a nice peach color. JOY- I worked with this on finished the small joy in a soft Silk Lame' Braid from from RG, started on the other Joy that I will do in a deeper gold and I worked quite a bit of the white background. The pattern of the background needs my full concentration so that with all the breaks from the words the pattern meets up properly. I have had many frogs because I miss counted and then have to go back and redo the placement of the diamonds. It will all be well worth it in the end but it is frustrating at times. Finally My Autumn Ala Round got another leaf and some more sparkle. I hate really I hate this linen with its slubs and extra counting and so many other things I just do not like. I can not wait to be done with this and then no more linen works.

I did get Poof started and it is looking great. I have subbed out most of the colors. The ones the pattern called for were so dull that it just did not look good on the fabric I chose.Fun stuff.

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