Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Thank God it is Over.

At this time the election results are not know but thank god the day has come and we can move forward one way or another. It was painful and nasty. 

I fell into the deal of a lifetime. A lady that owns a plaque and trophy shop has a side business of fabric and sewing notions. She has decided to close her walk-in busines and only do busines as an internet business. Part of her notions was embroidery floss with the old DMC wooden cabinets, the ones with the pull out drawers and she wanted to sell them with all of the floss in them. I saw the post on Facebook saying that it was a lady in the town I am from and if anyone wants it, go check it out but you must be able to pick it up. First thing next day I was there at opening. 12 boxes, all the drawers pretty much full and a few other boxes on top. I whipped out my card and said sold!!! The next 2 days I went through it counting threads and making sure all the numbers where in the correct slots. Turns out there were 6212 skeins. If you look on 123Stitch it costs .44 cents that works out to $2733 for just the floss. If you take it down to the sale price at Joann's of 3 for $1 it works out to $2050. No matter how you crunch the numbers it was a great buy. It is not a complete set as there are none of the 100 series of numbers and only a few of the 3800 series but for the most part they are there and I love the cabinets.I have been told the cabinets when you can find them sell for $75. each that is a total of $900. What did I pay for this awesome find you may ask............$350.00

There were 4 drawers that had no floss in them so I am usung them for some of my other supplies scissors, pens/pencils/markers, crochet hooks and needles/pens.

I am just in awe that I was able to get such an awesome deal such as this. I usually hear about this stuff after it is already gone and I have missed out but this time I was in the right place at the right time. I stil just go back in my sewing room just to look at it all. Oh and just as a bonus she had 3 Anne's cloth blankets that she gave me just to get them out of her way. 

For stitching, I have been working on my HAED Christmas Cottage because I was so close to a page finish I just could not set it aside until I had the page done and last night at midnight I meet my goal. 
Here are 2 photos.  The first to give you an idea of the size this will be when completed. The next is a picture of the project this is 19 pages complete. And I think it looks amazing if I do say so myself.

Wel enjoy all I will see you again in a few weeks with my next update.

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  1. Great buy! I would have fun going through all the drawers. Christmas Cottage looks great.


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