Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I have to share with you all. A stitching friend posted a link a few months back about a 9 month club, sponsored by Bedecked and They are calling it Gadgets, Gizmos and great inventions and the premise is  Nine months of cool gadgets, gizmos and must have stitching accoutrements.
These are my must-have tools of the trade. Yes, we can buy every gadget that comes out, but some truly are better, more useful than others. These are the best of the best. The ones I really use. I’m not a gadget girl so it had to work hard to make my list. Some are new, some you have seen before.  Even if you’ve seen them you won’t mind having a second for your stitching bag.
Today I recieved my first package and OOOOOHHHHHH what fun stuff a zippered project bag, lotion, needle threader, a very sweet needle minder (you see it on the white card) and  butterfly thread organizers. What a wonderful group of gadgets to start off this club. I already have a project in the bag and the needle threader out and ready at my stitching cocoon. the lotion has been used and in my stitching travel bag. This is going to be fun to see what else they can find to add to my stitching gizmos.

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