Sunday, September 13, 2015

New starts

I have 2 new starts to share with you. The first one was a start because I just needed a small quick project to do a couple evenings this week. We have had 104 degree days all week and I just could not handle having my large projects draped all over me so I went to the 2015 Halloween Just Cross Stitch Mag and found a quick project and started that . I used several pieces of aida I have in my stash and I will find a fun way to finish them.

The second new start is an SAL. On facebook I joined a group for Glendon Place Patterns. It is a fun group. This week Cheryl Granda (the owner) said that when her page hit 500 she would share a free pattern that she designed just for the group. Well we all got super excited and share the news all over facebook and over night she passed 500 and 600 and is now at 970 members. So on Friday she posted the freebie. it is a small mandala that she named the Friendship Compass. To make it as fun as she could she did not make a key code with specific colors she left that open to each persons preference. All she did was explain that there were 6 thread colors and 4 bead/metallic colors. I am not a fan of beads in my stitching unless they are as an accessory. And I want to finish this of as a pillow cover so I chose to use only DMC threads on mine.  My favorite colors are green and yellow, green being the most favorite. So my pallet is DMC 699,905,3348,3894,772,3815,3821,744,444 and 310. I prefer to start my project from the middle and this one is perfect for that style of stitching. I stitched on it for a bit Friday night and then off and on Saturday and this is what I was able to finish so far.

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