Saturday, February 11, 2017

A new adventure!!!!

I have been talking about this for several months but I never took the time to set up a store in Etsy, well I finally did it while my daughter was home for a visit. It was actually easier then I thought. It took a bit of time for the pictures to be loaded and a bio to be set but I am happy with it so far. If any of you are interested in a quick peek this is my shop address

Now for my updates on the stitching

I have a finish for the year and I have a new start.

I took Joy with me to my stitching group and with help from my ladies I was able to finish the stitching. Then I started a project that actually has a deadline. I need to finish this one in time to take it with me to my stitching retreat in March.

Joy: a full picture and a close up of the Ornament that was my hardest part. Not perfect but nice and I will be happy to display it next Christmas.

These owls are my new start. I can not show a picture of what the finish wil be because I am using parts from several patterns to create this project.
I have progress on several others, my HAED Christmas Cottage, the Death by Cross Stitch Sampler, and the Snowmen.
That is all for now I have been doing a bit of sewing so my time is split and that means not as much to report but I am getting there and with only one deadline I am not pressed to get anything done in a hurry, for me that is the best way to work.

Hope you all enjoy you Valentine Day!!!!!!!!

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