Wednesday, February 22, 2017

February Sewing.

I have been doing lots of sewing and not so much stitching. Since my Etsy account opened I have had a load of special orders so my sewing time is going up. It is fun but it does cut into my cross stitching.

Here are a few of my orders

I also have some fun new projects that I still have to add to my Etsy account when I get some time to take some better pictures. They are called thread catchers and they have a pincushion, 3 slots a pocket and the bin. These are just 3 of the ones I have made

I have a pocketed purse that I will be doing more of and I made it a matching wallet
As you can see I have been doing lots with my sewing machine but I have not totally neglected my cross stitch.
Autumn ala Round is getting sometime under the needle as did my Snowmen.

And I am working on the Owls and am so close to a finish I have continued on with it for an extra few days. I will have it done by my next post.

Our stitching group always has a Valentine gift exchange when we meet in February. We put together a gift that in someway is stitching related. Either a hand stitched gift or chart and fabric or threads or accessories this year I made one of the thread catchers in Valentine fabric and gave it along with a few other treats.I added 5 counting pins, a boo boo stick, a tape measure, a nail file, a pencil and a small magnet.

Hope you are enjoying your stitching and are finding time to stitch!!!!!!! See you soon.

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