Friday, July 24, 2015

Quilt for Son

So my next WIP. I am in the process of stitching squares to make a quilt for my son. I have already stitched a quilt for my daughter.

This quilt is going to be a combination of life events and a collection of nutcrackers. Why nutcrackers you may ask????? Weeeeelllllllll when my son was younger 8 or 9 years old he told me that he really liked nutcrackers, he thought they were very cool. So for many years every Christmas I found a nutcracker to give to him. Now as you can imagine as he grew and got into his teens getting a nutcracker was not all that cool of a gift, so then I got creative. I would find creative ways to give him a nutcracker. He has several of the actual statues in different sizes, he has a video of the Nutcracker play, a book of the Nutcracker play, another book about a boy who received a nutcracker during WWI. Then as my son got older and moved out on his own he got potholders, towels, pillowcases, napkins, a cookbook I made with a Nutcracker on the front. and so on. Now I am making the quilt and what better design to add but a NUTCRACKER!!!!!! Hee hee.

I have the first square finished. It is a tribute to his dad......He was a full blood Irish man. So I found a map of Ireland added an Irish Nutcracker and dad's name and the first one is complete.
I am now working on the second square and that one will honor his other Grandpa. It is a map of England, as Grandpa Barrow was full blood English, and an English Nutcracker with full name. So far I have the map done and have the start of the little man.

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