Tuesday, July 28, 2015


 Another WIP

 I have been wanting to stitch Glendon Place Frank's Family Portrait for quite a while and finally I just could not hold out anymore so I did it. I found a piece of grey fabric that was big enough and I used a dye technique I found on YouTube. I used green and grey to give it just a hint of color. I kinda wish that I would have made it a bit darker but still for a first time it is not to bad.

 I started on this one June 25. Being that he was at the time of my start 1 of 6 WIPs I was not sure of how quickly I was going to be able to progress. But it is just so fun and a great chart I have moved quickly. So almost 1 month later I have 1 page all but complete.
I am going to modify this a bit as I go along so stay tunes for up dates on Frank and his lovely Bride!!!!!


  1. Not my cup of tea but really great progress. I have never dyed my fabric. I may have to try that sometime. I found your site through Measi and I am enjoying scrolling through it.

    1. Thank you. This was my first dye job but I hope to do alot more.


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