Thursday, July 23, 2015

My philosopy about cross stitching

I will tell you abit about my cross stitching preferances.

1)  Other then all our stitches should lay in the same direction, there is no right and wrong ways to stitch. Cross stitching is very forgiving and it is best to do what feels right for you.

2) I prefer to stitch on aida 14,16 and 18 are my favorites. I also enjoy an occasional 20 or 22 count hardanger fabric. I do not like to stitch on evenweave or linen. If it is not fun I do not want to do it, this is my relaxation hobby so I only work with what suites me.

3) In my opinion Q-snaps are the best thing to come to stitching since the needle. I like my fabric to be as tight as possible and I get the best results from these frames.

4) I learned to cross stitch using waste canvas and to this day I love using it to create new and fun stitching projects.

5) Most of the things I stitch is being made as a gift for a family member or close friend. I love to stitch and giving these gift to people makes me happy. I also expect my gifts to be used and not kept in a drawer because someone is worried that they will get it dirty. I stitch my gifts so they can be used an washed as needed.

6) After years and years and years of trying every kind of stitching stand I have finally found the one that works for me. It is the K's Z-frame. I can use it sitting in my most comfy chair at home and it also travels well when I go to my stitching get togethers. On my lap or on a table it is adjustable to both locations. Hold the frame in a good position and moves as I need it to.

7) My go to floss is DMC. I find it the best to work with and easiest to purchase locally. I use a bit of hand-dyed floss, but since I like my stuff to be washable I do not use it alot. I have tried a few silks but not really a fan of those. Since my hands can be rough from the work I do I don't care for the silk as it snags on my fingers.

Those are my main ideas I am sure as I get going with this blog I will add new notions but this gives you an idea of where I am coming from.

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