Saturday, March 11, 2017

March Already!!!!/!?!

This year is going so fast. Already into March and I have no new starts because I want to finish off a few current works. I am going so slow because I am doing alot more sewing and crocheting this year. If only I was an Octopus and could do them all at the same time.

My Etsy store is set up and I have added more items but so far the interest is not there. Oh well I will wait and see if it picks up. These are early days with the store. I have 2 new handbags that are big enough to be used as project bags. And also a few more Threadcatchers.

My stitching is coming along pretty well Christmas Cottage by Dona Gelsinger charted by HAED I am very close to another page finish and that will complete the top 3 rows.
Death by Cross Stitch Sampler by Long Dog Sampler Designs is growing. The first 3 pages are complete and the top boarder is in place.
And I have a finish. This is a gift for a friend who organizes our annual stitching retreat. She loves owls and the quote is one I just love.

I am currently gathering supplies and projects for my annual stitching retreat. It is on the 22nd of this month. 5 full days of stitching, visiting with fellow stitchers, being feed the best food ever. And just enjoying myself and my craft. I may update before I leave if there is anything to report. But I will be sure to post when I get back.


  1. I love the choice of fabrics for your sewing projects and your cross stitching is gorgeous. Sunny Greetings from New Orleans, Alice

  2. Good luck with the Etsy shop. Your bags are very pretty and I love your cross-stitch as usual. Death by Cross-stitch is an interesting name and such a pretty project. Wow.


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