Monday, January 18, 2016

New Starts and some Progress reports

Hello Everyone,

Well we are on the way with a New Year. It has not been the best start. I caught a nasty chest infection and I have been home trying to get relief. The cough was bad enough that I finally went to the doctor and she gave me cough syrup and antibiotics. So far the cough is still here but at least the syrup is helping me to at least sleep.

So as far as stitching is concerned I have a couple of new starts and I am working on the other 2 WIPS. The first is the Mill Hill Beads Santa. I have made nice progress. His beard is coming on and looks good.I also got some of Santa's hat worked.

I then started on Glendon Place Whooligan's Hangout. I am going to add this into the Frank's Family Portrait. I think the two of them are going to compliment each other nicely. I kinda want this to be a surprise so I am going to show updates but I am keeping the full reveal for the end. I hope it turns out as well in stitching as I have it in my imagination. 

 Another new start is a Disney kit that I have had for years. I want to stitch several Disney characters that I want to finish and then make a quilt. This is a project for myself so no time limit on when these characters are going to be finished. 

I am a bit funny, I try to always start in the middle of a project and then I work to the face. I like to finish the face and then they can watch me stitch the rest of the project. It motivates me to keep going and get it finished. 

So I now am back up to my perfect rotation number. I hope that I can feel good enough to get back on track.


  1. Beautiful work on all your wonderful pieces!!

  2. Good luck on your goals and I can't wait to see your Disney project grow!


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