Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Hey All

Hello to you all. I am being upbeat because it has not been a very fun week. I was doing well and then BAM someone gave me a Not really to bad sore throat and stuffed head but I am now getting ahead of it.

In the mean time I got my second package from the Gadget, Gizmo and Great Inventions. This time we got some fun stuff to help keep track of where we are, the changes we have made and marking the fabric for starts and gridding. So there is a not book to write done your project what changes you are making to the pattern, what stitches you are going to use and when you start and when you end. This is geared a bit more to canvas work but it can be used for Cross Stitch as well. There is a metal 6 inch ruler, a fabric pen that washes out and those colored pencils are mechanical and the lead in them is colored, I have not seen colored lead for mechanical pencils before. The pen in the middle is for marking graphs. Again some fun new stuff to play with. 
Since my last post I have finished the car and I am on to the next gift. The car will become a duffle bag.
I have started on the next which is going to be for a male friend that is a big poker player and loves all kinds of card games. It will say "Nuts about Poker" I will change the colors and the picture in the nut will be the 4 suits.


  1. Awesome gadjets! I just love how fearless you are with making changes :)

  2. Thank you. It comes from need. I have an idea in mind and I try to use the patterns I already have to make the idea come to life. ;-)


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