Sunday, August 16, 2015


Yesterday and today are not what I would call good days it hit 105 F yesterday and it is suppose to be the same today. So far it is 8:30 am and already 87 F. NOT GOOD. I am not a happy camper when it gets this hot. Almost makes me want to have air conditioning. Good thing days like this only happen 6 to 10 days per year.

To make it bearable I spent the day stitching. Yesterday was my monthly Stitching Get Together (SGT) we had a lovely time stitching, sharing and laughing. One member brought her new purchases off ebay. Some very old samplers. One was about 100 to 200 years old. She is a collector and her home is filled with fabulous old samplers from all over the world. Our hostess for the day had a beautiful home with a fantastic view so it was very pleasant if just a bit warm.........

I have an update on a few projects first, I got a bit of time with my England Nutcracker. Just the top vines and a smidge on his hat.
During the SGT I worked on Frank and his bride. I got a good amount of her dress worked up. I have so far made 1 change. The eyes on her bat belt were suppose to be red but after stitching them they seemed fade into the greys so I went to my stash and found DMC E980 neon yellow. I love how it worked.
I also have a finish. The "Women who behave" by Sue Hillis is now complete. I bought a wood heart from Michael's painted it red and hubby clear coated it for me to set the color. I then used modge podge glue.... the hard coat finish option. I added a bit of lace and bling and I now have another Christmas gift done. This one is for a very dear friend that will get a kick out of this.

 Now off to try and stay cool and do some work on the June Cottage. Maybe get it close to a finish......

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  1. I love all that stitching. The neon yellow eyes really shine. Great choice. I really like your gift.


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