Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Wow June....

Oh boy I did not know time was moving so fast, here it is already June and I only made 1 post last month. I had better intentions then that. Life has a way of screwing up good intentions doesn't it....  :-(

I have been busy stitching and having some fun with my stitching.

These 2 are the FFO's I talked about in my May post.
My friends husband was so happy when I gave him this, even if it was late.

Just like last month I have a few finishes, they are smalls. A pink elephant and a hot air balloon. First pictures of the stitching finish and then of the completed finish and backing fabric.

I have them in this cute little basket on my coffee table. I will be adding more smalls as I go long through out the year.

I also have a new start. Since I finished the snowmen I let myself add a new project. It is another square for my son's quilt. This one will have the Army Crest on it along with a nutcracker. I am working it on white cotton with waste canvas. The canvas is 14 count.

My rotation pieces are coming along Christmas Cottage by Dona Gelsinger charted by HAED, Autumn Ala Round by Glendon Place 

Here is my most recent progress on Death by Cross Stitch Sampler from Long Dog Designs. Just let me say I am not trying to disrespect the designer. I do not care to have the alphabets on my piece, it is the reason I do not normally stitch samplers. This one caught my attention and I wanted to work it, but right from the beginning I knew I would be subbing out the square with the letters. I think it has worked out really pretty. The border and R come from a book by Adele Welsby. The Peacock has been in my patterns for years it is only the pattern with no designer info. The rose was just a section of the wreath that surrounded the peacock. Not sure if I should add something more. At this point I like it as it is, maybe once the other portions are complete I will find something else to add. Or maybe not.

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  1. Your finishes and projects are beautiful. I like your substitution on the last piece.


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