Sunday, September 18, 2016

2016 September Wipocalypse The Harvest moon!

I am a couple days late posting but I got this great picture of the moon on Friday. It was a beautiful Harvest moon. But the heat that it has brought is not very welcome........ :-(

 Tell us a story about the journey you took through one of your completed pieces.

I have not stitched much for myself but I love to make gifts for others. One day I asked my husband which one of the projects I had made he liked best. I had assumed he would say the seat cover I made for his 2007 Ford Mustang, surprisingly that is not his favorite. I did this one for him as a birthday gift at least 15 years ago. His nickname is Sparrow and with in our friends and business I would say more people know him by that name then by his given names. I had a chart of the one sparrow stitched it up then put it in my PC Stitch program and flipped the chart changed the colors for a female and then added the heart, ribbon and words. So it was a quick not to difficult stitch but it seems it means alot to my other half . <3
My updates since my last post are for Harvest Ala Round by Glendon Place, a new start which is a card for my middle sister's birthday and the wreath on my HAED it was confetti hell. Of the 92 colors in the pattern I used 78 of them in this small section.....I am so happy to be past that. It looks awesome but it was so difficult with all of the colors changes. in one 10X10 square there were 56 colors and although I was told that is not that much by 1 stitcher I think it is crazy.

After finishing the Halloween Night that I talked about in my last post I am starting  this sweet project. Still as part of the HALLOWEEN SAL on one of my Facebook groups .  And I was a bit naughty and bought some new patterns from 123 They were having a Halloween sale and I love these patterns by Whispered by the Wind.

Hope you all have a wonderful month and hope to see you all back soon. 

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  1. Enjoyed your stitching story. I have been working on my HAED for 5 years. Some areas don't move very fast because of the color changes. Yours looks great.


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