Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Glendon Place Mix

In my last post I had a teaser about a project I have been working on for a while. Well today I have the unveiling. I am pretty proud of how it all turned out. Of course as our own worst critics we always find one over two things we could have done different. I am no different, but I am very happy with this one and am excited to have it as part of my Halloween decorations this year.

I combined 2 of the Glendon Place patterns  Frank's Family Portrait and Whooligan's  Hangout.

The result is ...... amazing!!!!! At least I think it came out awesome.
 So now for some of the changes I made. The mansion windows are DMC E980 as are the eyes on the skull of the tombstone. The eyes of the bat on Mrs Franks belt are DMC E990. The moon was suppose to be Caron Collection Lemon-Lime, but I wanted a more harvest moon so I changes it to Caron Papaya. The bat on the moon is my added embellishment.

The charms that Mrs is wearing came with the pattern but I added a few more charms I got my husband to modify some rivets for the bolts on Frank's neck. I added the spider on the end of the string hanging off the branch and I added the dancing skeletons over by the smaller tombstones.

 And finally the fabric that I used to back the project.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Wow, it's amazing! You did a great job mixing the patterns together for maximum effect! It's a real "monster mash" ;)

  2. Thank you it took a bit of extra planning and work to get it all set right but I had fun doing it.

  3. That came out great. I love how you combined them. I would never think to do that. Now I have a couple of ideas.

  4. That is truly awesome! What a perfect combination. I am considering doing something similar for 2 of the Nora Corbett witches, I hope mine turns out half as good!


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