Saturday, February 6, 2016

2 weeks of Bliss

So what does a stitcher do when their hubby has to leave for 2 weeks on business?????? Well we enjoy the stitching time that we get!!!!!!! Yep hubby is out of the state. I still have to go to work as I am the only one here but I only work about 2/3 of the day. Since I am the boss I can give myself permission to close early....hee hee

I am not getting as much cross stitching done because I have been commissioned to make 4 of my owls. I have 3 complete and should have the 4th one done today. I love making these guys they are so easy and look so good.
 This one is for her sewing room
This little guy is for our stitching retreat and I made a little nest for him

This guy will also be a part of the retreat. He will be greeting the ladies as they sign in. I have to add his eyes I am waiting fo the buttons to come in. I ordered pinecones for him.

I have also been finishing up a crochet project. It took way longer then it should have. I did it once with a new pattern that I thought would be awesome with these colors. But when I finished and layed it out I hated it. So I tore it all out found a different pattern and restarted. I made it 8 rows larger then the pattern called for. It is for hubby and I wanted it to be nice and big for him. All I have left to do is add the fringe and it will be complete. I am procrastinating as cutting al those lengths of yarn is boring.
Finally I was able to sit for a bit and do some crosses. I worked on the Mill Hill Santa
And I also got time on the Glendon Place Whooligan's Hangout 
I am trying to get some time on Beauty and the beast but I am busy with my commission and with Dad gone puppy has been very insistent on getting extra attention. 

I received the 5th installment of my Gadget Gizmos and Great Inventions surprise. This time is was Sticky Things. They senta tube of E6000 which is something I use alot and know it is a great product. The pink tube is Rice glue I tried to and it works pretty nicely. The tape is for finishing the edges of canvas and the tacks are to attach the canvas to those wood frames  it is a kit and come with an attaching tool and a removal tool. So some fun stuff to get.

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