Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas was Great

So it has been a bit busy for me these last few weeks work had stuff that HAD to get finished and then getting ready for the invasion of the kids. (excited!!!!!) And just all the things we all do to make the holidays fun. But in that time I did get stitching time.

I needed to get a present for my son's girlfriend and I just do not know her well enough to know what she likes so I asked my son and he said Totoro......??????? What???? I guess it is a  1988 Japanese animated movie. So I was able to get some fabric with the characters on it and I made her a clutch. She also likes bright colors and her favorite are orange and purple. well bright orange and purple do not exactly mess real well so I subbed it a color I thought would be better.

So that was the last present I had to make and I am good to go for Christmas. 

Christmas Eve our daughter and husband flew in. We picked them up at the airport so everyone is here for the holidays. It was actually quite easy getting them no one was on the roads. 

Christmas day we had a nice relaxed day just enjoying the time talking and catching up. I got 3 stitch related presents. Well 4 but that is a shelf for my stitching room to help organize things so does that count???? The other items are directly related to my cross stitch infatuation. 

 pretty nice presents and they weren't even things I had asked for. :-)

So to update the actual stitching I am working hard on the HAED Snowman and getting progress on that and I made a new start, I had to all the blue and grey and brown was making me bonkers. I needed a few different colors so I started the Mill Hill kit I bought just before Christmas. I still do not care for beads in stitching but this kit is so cute I am going to do it with the beads. There are not alot of them so I think I can work through it.

Last weeks progress was the finish for pages 7 and 8. Page 8 is only 12 squares wide so I am counting this as just a single page finish. 12-15-15

And this is the progress from 12-15 to 12-21-15
And finally from 12-23 to today I have almost completed the chimney
I still hope to finish this row before the first of the year............

I hope you have all had a wonderful and warm holiday and that the new year will bring you a fresh start and joy for 2016. Blessings to all!!!!!!!!!!!!

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